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Update: My wife bought a car last night (Previously: My wife said she's buying a car tonight)

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2016 FoST. Didn’t get the price as low as I’d have liked, but got significantly more than I would have asked for private sale on the GTI so came out decent enough. Blue inserts on the seats aren’t really my cup o’ tea, but she’s happy/I’m happy.


Now we’re back to being those weirdos with similar cars (a number of years ago we had a Protege 5 and 6 wagon). I suppose we need to get rid of the Miata and get a Mustang GT vert to complete the assimilation.

Congrats to Luke’s Dad, Caleb, Admiral_cb. Here’s your odd stare as promised:


What will she come home with?

Currently drives a 2010 GTI.

Budget we discussed was 40k when she started looking.

I know she’s looked at and liked the FoST, Clubman S, Mazda 3S, WRX, and CT200h. She did not like the ATS, CLA, either Mazda CXs, Crosstech, or regular Imprezza. I know she drove some other stuff as well. VWs are out since the GTI was a PITA.

What’re your guesses? Winner gets an odd stare.

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