Background novel: As many of you know, I like to use my phone to take quick snapshots of interesting cars I see on my travels. As many of you also know, I used to use a crappy flip phone up until a few months ago and the camera in that was horrible.

I now have a much better (read: outdated Android 4.4.2, but better than a flip phone) smartphone - a Samsung Galaxy Core LTE, but the camera in this was always really terrible because, when I bought it, the lens was scratched to hell and, as you’ve seen, most my pics are really blurry when taken with my phone... :/

Another issue with my phone, was that when I first got it, the back battery cover was always falling off because it was really worn out. I had actually ordered a new back cover which included a whole screen surround and everything off eBay a while ago. I didn’t need the rest of it, so it’s just been gathering dust on a shelf in my workshop.

Long story short, this morning I got tired of how crappy the pictures were so I decided to take the back casing from the case that I bought on eBay to see if I could pop the brand new, infinitely clearer lens out of it and put THAT lens into the current back casing for the phone. The back battery cover I bought from eBay fits my phone fine but the back casing was actually for a slightly different model and that casing doesn’t fit my current phone...but I figured the lens would.

Anyway, I am pysched as I managed to do it and the difference is NIGHT AND DAY.

Old Tazz picture for reference...


New Tazz pic with new lens! SOOO much clearer...guess this camera may not be amazing, but way better than I thought! :D (I didn’t mess with the exposure and brightness settings as this was a quick test pic, so pardon it looking washed out!)

TL:DR, new phone cam lens = Happy RallyDarkstrike! :)