Update on Dad's old F-150

It’s still around! Which puts my mind at ease, because I loved that truck. When I took my road test Thursday, I realized we were going right past where the current owners live. I asked Dad if it was still there, and then I saw it.

While I can’t buy it, it at least eases my mind to know it wasn’t scrapped. It’d be a huge, stupid, unnecessary project, but maybe someday, when I can afford to, I’ll buy it and restore it.

A picture of it, incase you’ve all forgotten:


As for Kipper, I’m going to fix it and keep driving it. I was just getting worked up over nothing.

The reason for this post? It’s 7 in the morning, I’m bored, wanted to post something, don’t have anything better to post.

Oh! Camaro’s going to the shop to get fixed today or tomorrow (took them a while to get the shifter cable in), and the rear tires shouldn’t be rubbing on the Chevelle now. Still have to fix the fronts.

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