And expect more posts about it than Zoidberg’s Celica! :)

Just kidding, I don’t have that kind of creativity.

Anyway. So i replaced the front intertube today. My mom had one she bought for my sister to replace it with, but she never did. At least now I have an official claim to the ownership of the bike, huzzah!

It was an OEM part too!

Well that was easy. After a test ride I found the brakes, one front and one rear, were dragging.


Any adjustments to the caliper(?) wouldn’t stay after applying the brakes. I tried adjusting the cable itself, since it was catty wompous, between the left and right calipers, and I found this.


So I’m going to visit the bike shop tomorrow and see if I can order two more cables. Since the front and rear brakes look identical and the rear probably has the same issue. I left it intact for reference while working on the front.

Random conclusions.

My stupid self finally looked at the badge and it’s a Mesa Runner. I still know nothing about that model, but now I can google more effectively.


Second. The handle bar grips are as awesome and comfy as they look.

Lastly, it much more enjoyable working on things as simple as a bike. Not having to pour through forums, YouTube videos, and repair manuals to see how to do something. It’s all just out in the open and fairly intuitive. Even though this is my first time working on a bike in ages it already feels like I’m actually pretty competent at this lol.