Well, snow tires are going to be needed down the line. It’s getting more sketchy. More after the break.

I have now installed 2 dashcams in the Matrix. One is the Mobius dash cam (rear) and the Z-Edge dash cam in the front. The power brick and the USB cable the comes with the Z-Edge is abysmal and fluctuated once I started driving in Chicago....Monoprice cigarette adapter and monoprice cables have solved said issue.


Did partial LED light conversion in the interior. Haven’t gotten to the map lights as they’re a bit impossible to remove. They’re not burning out....So I don’t really care for now.

Driving in icy conditions is scary at times. I am now being more proactive of black ice and tonight it’s been raining hard....My baldish Hankooks are not faring well in a lot of circumstances.. I’m in need of snow tires. I’m going to be ordering some to put on some cheap steelies after break.

My flight home got cancelled. Did not surprise me.

I also need to do an oil change.

I also got my parts for my Speedster speakers and I have decided not to bring a box of crossover components through TSA tomorrow. Not worth it.


Ohio roads are interesting at best, and Ohio independent coffeeshops are even more awesome. (Especially telemetry coffee in Cederville)

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