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Update on my Angry issue. Still Kinda Angry

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recap: They had 5 business days to do 4 things on my cruiser. They ended up only doing 2 and one of those had problems. I picked it up last Wednesday because I needed it that night and dropped it off again Thursday morning with the promise that it would be done that day. I called thursday afternoon to check on its status and was told that it was done, so I had my wife drive me and the kids in to pick it up. It wasn’t even close to being done. I went to check in with the tech who explained that he was going to have it done first thing Friday morning. Friday morning comes and they tell me it will be done by 4 pm. “Uh. No. I needed it this morning, actually I needed it Wednesday morning but I’m leaving out of town at 3 today.” “Okay well I’ll go tell the tech to get working on it.” HE ISN’T ALREADY?! I get a call that its done around 1 pm and so I hitch a ride with my wife who’s doing the drop off/pickup the kids dance. They say the other 2 things are done and its ready to go, I ask about the problem with the power steering pump and they tell me the tech is on lunch and to wait 5 minutes. 30 minutes later we chat and he says “yeah it’s probably a bad power steering pump” I explained to him that I think he’s right and ask him what they are going to do about it since it only started making noise after I dropped it off to them and that it’s only a 3 year old pump. He’s convinced its nothing they did. 30 minutes of back and forth later (it’s now 2 and im supposed to leave at 3 and I haven’t even packed the trailer) he takes it back into the bay and...sure enough...they suck a big ol frothy head out of the system. “you were right, the tech must have done the flush wrong because it was full of air.”



They discount me about $230 but it feels a little hollow, it’s still a crazy expensive service. And I STILL have a little noise after its been sitting. I think they ruined a seal and its asperating now. So I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on that.


Im betting there is a free power steering pump replacement service in my near future. Why is it so hard to get good work done?!

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