So, after it didn’t shift and the mechanic also said it was hosed. The insurance agent showed up after 5 days, swift, to check out my car. The mechanic got in started it up shifted. He said it was shaky at first then purred like it should. He said he’s never seen anything like it before.

Insurance then threw up their hands and declared my car fine...but not before this gem:

Insurance Lady: Well, I think when you were shifting you were pushing on the brake so it wasn’t going into gear
Azrek: That isn’t how manual transmissions all.
Lady: Oh, well then I have no idea what happened to you car. And that oil leak? That is totally your problem.

So my rear main oil gasket exploded during this event, mechanics also confirm it happened, but Insurance says it is unrelated to the water damage.

Mechanics are trying to cut me a deal to fix the rear main, but they also have to remove the clutch to get to the gasket. So they are trying to find proof of more water damage and write all the repairs off. Ugh...

So I am debating...I’ve debated selling the car before, but it is tough to find something that fits my odd personality. I really think it’ll come down to an ATS-V manual or a GT350 at this rate. I am concerned I am now driving a time-bomb and it makes me sad. 

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