Update on my dad's truck: Fellow OPPO techs HALP

Progress is being made! Just a couple more thing but I need some advice from my fellow techs here on OPPO.

Where we are right now is that the busted trans is out. The reverse was inop after the hit and there was an output shaft seal leaking. We got the trans out last week and opened it up. Yeah it’s going to need a complete rebuild and other parts (output shaft broken, pleasure pressure plate, metal particulates ).


My question is, on this 2000 F-250 7.3L 2WD, are we better of finding a good used trans or having it rebuild? We took it to a couple trans shops to get some prices since most of my tools for that sort of thing grew legs. Best price was from a really nice place at $800 with 1 year warranty. Are there any rebuilt trans available online for that price? Locally, salvage yards at the minimum wanted $950.

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