Update on my earlier DOTS: (Repost for the weekday crowd)

I found the garage. I met the owner and saw the collection, and oh my god.

A better picture of the Duesey.

I was driving to my favorite boardwalk to go for a walk, and saw that the garage door was open. I decided to take my chances and walk in, and the collection was even more impressive than I could have imagined. John was a super friendly guy, impressed by my knowledge of the cars in his collection and happy to see a “younger fella” like me who’s goes totally gaga for cars like this. He invited me back anytime I see the garage door open and said next time he’ll take me out in whichever car I want. His collection is bigger than just this building, and he’s constantly buying more cars and swapping out his display, but never selling, as he once sold a Stutz (for a record price plus the Muntz Jet pictured below) and has regretted it ever since. He said that he loves to drive the hell out of these cars, as they were meant to be seen and enjoyed. He particularly likes flooring it in the Duesey and watching heads snap at the sound that comes out of that supercharged straight 8. Many of his cars are Pebble beach best in show and best in class winners, and he particularly enjoys road tripping them to the Concours and beating out trailer queens for trophies, including taking his Lincoln KB 1500 miles from the LeMay Museum to Pebble Beach, and driving it right off of the highway and onto the golf course. He’s shipping the Talbot-Lago to CA next week to drive the PCH in it, he told me. Anyway, enough about John, time for car porn.

The beautiful green supercharged Duesenberg Straight 8
The Talbot-Lago, which he’s taking to the PCH next week. I want to hate this guy but he’s just too damn friendly and relatable to dislike.
His Packard Twelve and Isotta Fraschini, which won pebble beach’s best in show in 2015
His Lincoln, which one best in class and best Lincoln at pebble beach, beating out many trailer queens after being road tripped 1500 miles.

There were a few more I didn’t get pictures of (it would have taken leaning back as close as I could to a $2.5m Duesenberg, and I just don’t trust myself to not be a klutz and do a hundred grand in paint damage): a ‘29 Cadillac, which had original tags and features that many Cadillac historians thought were lost from history forever, an Auburn 851, a 1 of 3 pierce arrow hardtop coupe owned by the Carnegie family, and a V12 Lagonda, which was on its way to Hershey, PA for a car show. I loved getting the chance to see these cars and meet John, and will surely be taking him up on his offer to get to experience these cars on the road!

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