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Update on my friend.

She’s still ineligible for Medicaid because the Georgia GOP decided to strictly limit it in protest of Obamacare, because poor people apparently deserve to just die. It’s only available to pregnant women and people with young kids. On top of that, the hospital has no assistance programs or anything. So... yeah. I think her only options are crowdfunding and/or filing for bankruptcy at the ripe old age of 22... If that’s even a thing that she can do. I haven’t looked into it.

Not to get too political, but this is why we NEED universal, free healthcare. It makes my blood boil to see people try to debate that fact. This young woman tripped on her porch, scratched her leg, and got a potentially fatal infection. Just like that. And now she’s likely going to be five figures in debt. That is a life-changing amount. If you seriously think this system is fair, you're absolutely heartless.


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