So in September of last year me and my father purchased a KT100 powered 2002 Goldkart. As of just a few days ago now though, we have upgraded the pre-2003 bodywork to more modern UNICO bodywork in a serious DIY job. Cutting, grinding, welding, and more welding. we spent 3 days getting each piece fitting right. Some other updates since my post nearly 6 months ago, we have raced the kart twice at the not-so nearby Sandy Hook Speedway. First time out, ran one lap then spun and stalled in the first corner. Not to be disheartened by that, I got it going the subsequent sessions and was a on a roll. I received praise from other drivers for pushing the kart as fast as I was the first session out. It's been a long winter waiting for the season to start up again though. In about 2-3 weeks or so we will hitting the track hopefully. We are getting some new rubber as the YHC Bridgestones we have are ancient. As I've said before, my ultimate goal is to get into formula open-wheel racing across the pond. Hopefully I can be oppo's resident racer!