Update on my Malaise Sunbird

It’s turned into a period correct build. I forgot I had a set of turbine wheels in the rafters of my garage (were originally on a Fox Body SVO owned by my buddies dad when he was younger). Needless to say, they’ve been installed. Next is a period correct stereo system. For me anything 1980-1990 is considered period correct for this car, basically how it would have been built by someone who owned it in the 80s. The stock 231 will get built as far as I can build it (headers, air pump delete, cams, Buick 4.1L intake with a Holly 390 Carb). I’ve ordered new ball joints, tie rods, center link, idler arms, plugs, wires, cap rotor, coil, pads, rotors, calipers, drums shoes, rad, rad hoses, belts, water pump, thermostat and wheel bearings.

It cleans up pretty nice.


In other news, my buddies TE30 Corolla wagon is finally back on wheels. He bought it and the entire rear sub frame had to be rebuilt from the ground up, which required a lot of custom fab work considering the parts are impossible to find for the wagon.

For now he’s running a set of 13x6 Cheviot Haywires that came from my dad, who had them on his AE86 from when I was a kid. Ultimately he wants the car slammed on 14s. But here is a general idea of how it’ll look on the Haywires (I kinda dig it).


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