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Update on my water leak situation.

So the factory wants us to try sealing thw windshield from the inside and outside first and see if that works. If it doesn't, then I'll get a new windshield. I'm beyond pissed right now. I have stains in my headliner, mold in the a-pillar trim, and I'm out a car until this sistuation is resolved. This is their screw up from the factory, I work for a dealership and am well aware of their practically non-existent quality control but took a chance on one of their products anyway, and now this is what I have to deal with? I have to hope that their halfassed fix does the job? I spent $20k on their product, they let it out of the factory with a pretty major defect, and they can't even properly fix the issue? I suppose this is karma for trading my Focus and not going with another Ford. Brian is angry >:(


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