UPDATE: IT RUNS NOW! AHHAHAHAHAHA I WIN ASSHOLES! next up: put air box back, do some fiberglass magic, paint the other fork leg, polish it up, fit some new tires, and she’ll be up for sale

as my black bike is known as ‘ebay’ among my friends (on the account everything is off ebay [its not]) it seemed only fitting to call the yellow SV amazon prime. time for an update!

I got the carbs and fuel pump cleaned and replaced all of the fuel hoses from the pump to the carbs. cranked it over and with the help of our wonderful CB, confirmed that it would draw fuel out of a small cup. great, lets hook the gas tank back up!

nothing happens.

okay....last piece of the puzzle is the fuel petcock. (or...IDK what to call it, and it doesnt actually have a way of being turned...its more like just a connector really)

took it apart. found this:


well then. Found my problem.