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Update on stealership fun updated again

So, i had to wait 2 hours in the lobby to get a loaner. They call me just as the service advisors are about to leave, and quote me $1000 to replace a single wheel bearing. The u joints weren’t even inspected. I am pissed. I took it in specifically to rule out drive line issues.

The wheel bearing that’s bad was an issue I brought to them a week after I bought the truck. They told me the noise was from a loose hub cap, and i put a nice set of takeoff tires on to resolve the issue, i figured the rest was just road/tire noise. Apparently I’ve been driving for 8,000 miles with a fucked wheel bearing. This is after one of their master techs assured me the hub and bearing assembly were good to go.


This is not the end of things, i will talk to the service and sales managers tomorrow when i drop off the loaner. If i don’t feel satisfied, its time to get out the word about their shadyness.

As an added bonus, I know the cost of that part from toyota, their cost of part. I also know the employee price for the part. And now Iknow the customer cost. It would probably make a bunch of people angry to learn the markup.


The $$$ was all in the labor. How they think that $550 for 1.5 hours is a reasonable rate i do not know. I guess if you think you don’t have a choice....

Their response was to tell me i should have bothered them more about it back when i bought it. At he end of december. It has been less than 6 months. They have a satisfaction guarantee and their sales floor is plastered with bs about how all their used vehicles have 12 mo or 12k of limited coverage. Apparently i should have read the contract. Should have fought harder, should have not trusted them from the start.

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