Since my last update, I have been working to modify my truck for Cannonball-esque duties. To start, I put in my new Kenwood Excelon deck and Alpine speakers, and re-routed my USB and Aux inputs to the ashtray areato keep all my dash inserts installed. Next, I sealed up all the leaks with silicone. I then cut a hole in the roof of the topper using a cutoff wheel and a reciprocating saw (sawzall), and attached the roof vent (affectionately known as the goof vent because of how it looks) using screws, silicone, and duct tape. After installing the roof vent, I threw in all my existing camping gear, along with my new air mattress. Apart from needing a new pre-heater hose, it’s officially set for the summer!

These Alpines were cheaper than the JBLs at Walmart, and had more mounting options. Score!

USB and AUX inputs are now tucked away.


GE Silicone II is awesome stuff.

Roof vent tacked in! Yes, my topper is filthy, and I did properly secure it - I was just too lazy to bring out the ladder for more pics.


The messy but fun camping area.