Some of you may remember reading about a certain misadventure that I had with a certain Challenger. Well, the rental agency called me back about the Challenger’s status. Despite the fact that the issue was related to shifting, and the dashboard said “TRANSMISSION FAILURE”, it was the differential that exploded.

The manager of the rental company called me wanting to know “my story.” I told him pretty much what I wrote in the linked post above. He then tells me that the shop discovered it was the rear differential that failed. Not only did it fail, but the rear differential was exposed to “abuse.” The technician used the term “neutral dropping.” I assured him I did no such thing. The Challenger is a great cruising vessel, not so much a hooligan sports car. I also told him because I am younger than thirty, I was extra cautious with the Challenger because I was self conscious about my age and I feared being accused of committing “abuse.” The manager assured me that he did not think that I caused the abuse, especially since I called the rental agency the first day I had the car and commented that it was shifting weird. Also, Dodge was repairing the car under warranty so it was no cost to the rental agency. I’m thinking that’s all well and good but, why did you call me? Are you seeking some omission of guilt, hmm? But oh well, I let it go.

I also want to apologize to Dodge for insulting the longevity of their new eight speed transmission. The transmission did not fail, and most likely the differential failed due to the abuse of a previous renter. So if you want a super cool daily driver that averages mid-twenties miles per gallon, I recommend the V-6 Challenger. Just don’t “neutral drop” it and “abuse” the hell out of it. Besides, anyone that “neutral drops” a V-6 Challenger is what I call a “tool.”