Update on the Euro Plates

Hey guys! As some of you know, I’m in touch with a local printing company about making these license plates a reality, and I spoke to the representative today. She said that they could manufacture the plates “at a reasonable cost,” and an exact cost is coming soon. I’ve gone ahead and set up a website with just the TN plate as a placeholder until I finish them all. The plates, as of right now, are tentatively priced at $30.00 USD. However, US shipping will be $10.00 USD, and Canada Shipping will be $30.00 USD (yes, I know, that’s really expensive, but I can’t just throw away money here) and will take about 6-7 days from the time you order, seeing as we actually have to make the darn things to order. It’s worth noting that the first group of people to order them will have an even longer waiting period since I have to use part of your money to buy the blanks, which I have to wait for until they’re delivered. However, the quality should justify the cost and wait, because these designs will be printed at 300 dpi (pretty high quality) onto .040 gauge aluminum. Also, you will be able to have custom text (up to 8 characters, please no obscenities) and (maybe, I’m not for sure yet) choose the county for the seal (this is dependent on my being able to find that seal on the internet).

I hope the cost doesn’t deter you guys, but if it makes any difference, the money is make is going toward either an XBONE (for Forza 6 playing ability), my car fund, or towards college expenses. I really hope it works out because the 1950s fridge I’ve been trying to sell interests no one, and also because I want one, and I want you guys to have one too! The only change from the ones posted here thus far is the removal of the states’ respective DOT web addresses because I don’t want any legal trouble over that.


As far as the next batch of plates, Alberta should be up sometime today, and Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Mississippi will round out the first half of the US on Wednesday. Please do me a favor and register your interest in buying a plate here. Thanks for all the feedback and support!

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