Tuesday I posted that I had a run in on the freeway with a dangerous driver and today I has news!

I contacted the county sheriff's office, gave them my story and the video, and last night they called me back. They're going to contact the other driver, get his/her side of the story, and I have to give them more info: How close did the car get to mine, and did I need to take any evasive action to avoid it.... well I didn't need to take evasive action because I saw it coming towards me... I'll have to recheck the video to see if I swerved to the right at all.

As far as distance, I am taking a measuring tape and finding a Focus hatch to make a dashcam video of just how far things appear off when looking through a convex lens.

Maybe I'll borrow my wife's grandma's car.... it's exactly like the car that cut me off except... its red.