Update on the Free bike, and the daily driver.

Remember that bike I got a while back?

Yeah, I gave up. I put in on CL, and after the FIVE HUNDRETH THOUSANTH TIME of saying "No, I will not trade you for an Xbox 360, I've already got one" and "I don't care if it's modded, I haven't touched mine in like 8 months", and turning down "Sweet NFL jacket-worth $800 check ebay!" A guy contacted me, told me he would take it that day, gave me a few hundred and drove off with the bike. I was glad to get rid of it, as someone had tried to steal it already, and I was fed up with it. But, as I browsed Craigslist, angels started singing, bright lights appeared, and I found a set of mint tan leather S2000 seats, which with a few hours work, fit nicely into my car! I got them that night.


S2000 on left, MR2 on right. Notice the drivers side bolsters? Yeah, they were toast.

We are going to assume the following picture took place when I bolted the S2k seats right in. Nope, that didn't take many hours of cursing and drilling to swap the seat pans. Nope Not at all.


Like a fucking glove

So today I'm off work and the wife didn't have to go into work until later. Mountain run?


Mountain run.

No pictures/GoPro as I was wanting to drive, break the seats in, and see how they felt. Result? I can feel the car better feel I need something other than all seasons on 15" rims. Next up, what stock looking rims fit, look good, and have decent tire selection? I'm going with either NSX or RX7 rims, Maybe, just maybe, some Skyline R32 rims.


What's that? Beauty pics? Look, just because my wife is a photographer does not give you guys the right to... OK! FINE! Ughhh...


Interior detailing will happen when it isn't either raining or making me sweat like a whore in church. LeavemealoneIknowwhatI'mdoing.

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