OK, so my decision making is poor. I have a tendency to minimize things. I’m going to use a mild concussion as an excuse for leaving the scene and not calling the cops. Although I did get hit hard so it’s a good excuse.

I called the non-emergency number this morning asking should I report it? An officer calls back and says they already arrested the guy. I was flabbergasted. Someone had called in the hit and run yesterday. Guy was on drugs. No insurance.

I had guessed it was a second gen 2007-2013 GMC that hit me. It had a red logo in the middle of the grill. Turns out it was a 2011 Chevy. As a car guy, mistaking a GMC for a Chevy is just as unsettling as getting the Subaru totaled.


Guy has no insurance. I have some minimal uninsured driver coverage. I will report this to my insurance. Cop said DA will contact me if I want to sue the driver. I think I already know what Oppo is going to say. But I’m asking you all: Should I sue the guy?

I don’t need the money. It’s not going to be much for the car. My neck still hurts but I’m not going to have major medical bills. Yeah, he was on drugs but I almost kinda feel sorry for him. I’m in so much a better place than he is that I feel like I don’t need to pile onto his problems. I assume the legal system is going to mete out punishment without me doing anything anyway.

UPDATE FROM INITIAL RESPONSES: My guess was Oppo would say to go after the bastard (or maybe just idiot). I forgot that no insurance means he probably doesn’t have any money. Although he was driving a relatively new 2011 truck in very good condition.


You know, what probably bothered me the most from this incident was the feeling of minor violation, that it was personal because he ran. The arrest resolves all that.  But damn, the Forester was a great daily driver.

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