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Update on the Jeep's brakes

I posted earlier asking about possible air in the lines after the brake job I did Saturday, so I figure I should post an update.

I bled the lines again today and didn’t get any air bubbles out of them at all. I think I was just a little paranoid about the pedal feeling a little different than it had before since I didn’t have any of the other symptoms of air in the lines (sinking pedal, long pedal travel, etc). Especially since the pedal isn’t really “soft”. The brakes bite perfectly within 1/2"-1" of pushing in the pedal, it just feels a little easier to press the pedal. I’m guessing this is because of two reasons: the new pads are ceramic, which I’ve heard can feel different from oem pads and the new pads probably aren’t fully broken in yet since it’s tough to find a place to bed brakes near me (busy suburban nj). I had to go to an empty parking lot to bed them on Saturday so of course I couldn’t get up to more than 35 mph or so.

Anyway, thank you for all the advice. It’s good to have brakes that don’t squeal or make the whole Jeep shudder.

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