Hiya Oppo! Many of you know that 8 months ago, I revealed to this community that I am Transgender. The support and love I received was paramount to my getting started and who I am today.

After a few updates, I did disappear from these digital pages. I’m sorry to those who follow me, not sorry to the ones responsible for my disappearance.

The past months have been the best in my entire life. I started my HRT, I met the greatest woman on the entire Earth, and I’m finally happy and content with my life. Most of every day is a day I enjoy so much. Especially the days I get to spend with my Miss Tesla ♥.


Not every road taken was an easy one. I lost all of my friends (and now I have better friends!), my family is still coming to terms with a new me, and starting out was so stressful that I failed out of one of my classes last quarter.

But it’s all worth it. :)

I disappeared from Oppo because of the hostility from some of the newer commenters here and on the Front Page. Many times when I post a picture of my car or defend it, I receive some of the most hateful comments this side of YouTube. I get told not to go back to Jezebel to “complain about the patriarchy” and similar sexist stuff. I don’t even read Jezebel articles!


Shoot, in some of my latest Oppo updates, they were even hating on me being trans. I ended up getting well acquainted with the dismiss buttons.

Eventually, it just wasn’t fun anymore. I mean, if I can’t even talk about the car I love on a car loving forum, then there’s no point. So I found a new safe haven at GroupThink.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Oppo now also has a Kinja address, this gives me hope that maybe my second go at this won’t be as awful. :)