Update on the Mini:

Week 3 and 4/5's:

(For those who have missed the previous episodes in the nearly month-long slog that has been my clutch repair, feel free to catch up on my Kinja profile..)

Well, after 3 weeks...I forgot to secure the indicator light connection before having Kyle record video. Blast!

Don’t worry- the lights are all working fine now. :-P

As for what’s next after this, I still need to plan for lower control arm bushings, strut tower top mounts, and a passenger side motor mount, but at least now I’m in a situation where I can breath enough to safe up for those at a normal pace. Tomorrow is going to be a clean-up day for Ian’s shop as a drop of the bucket of favors I owe him. After the amount of patience and generosity he has shown me, it’s the absolute very least I can do.

After that, I can finally return to my job in full capacity, though I’ll be taking it very easy on the clutch for a while. The brakes were bedded tonight as part of the test drive, so they should be good to go. Overall, it looks like I can finally breath easy for a bit and get my life back in order.