The first and only i8 that I’ve seen outside of a car show.

I posted recently about how my Samsung Galaxy S6 wouldn’t boot up anymore after exhibiting crazy lag for several days; I wound up getting an identical S6 that’s been working perfectly. The camera is different, but I don’t have enough of a trained eye (or enough pics taken) to notice the difference LOL.

I’d tried booting the broken phone into recovery mode on my own and failed - it turns out that you’re supposed to hold the power, home and volume-down buttons. I’d been holding down the volume-up button, rather than the volume-down button, as per advice that I sought here and elsewhere. Anyhow, the AT&T service center rep who pointed this out to me tried reflashing the phone twice, but the hardware wasn’t holding up - thus the free replacement.

I was a little miffed at first about winding up with a different camera; like I said, though, I’m a photography n00b and probably wouldn’t notice the difference between the new and old phones’ cameras on my own.

Have a shot of a BMW i8 that I took on the old phone.