As you may or may not be aware, late last year I purchased the Merkur XR4Ti used on Top Gear USA from Mr. Matt Hardigree. Here is the story if you haven't read it. After months of wrenching and cleaning, I can safely say that I am just a few weeks worth of work from having the car exactly where I want it. This obviously means nothing because "exactly where I want it" has changed 4 times since I started writing this, but progress is progress.

The majority of the time on the car has not been spent on big jobs but rather working on little issues that would be more inconvenient than anything. Things such as the doors that don't lock and the computer that didn't stay mounted and the brakes that were always on. That last one is very inconvenient.

I still haven't been able to drive the car quite as often as I would like to. This is mostly because I don't have a heater, another inconvenience, and its been darn cold here. And when it isn't cold, we've been working on it. See my problem?

Soon, the issues will be worked out and I'll be driving it daily as it deserves to be driven. When this happens I will provide a real review of the car. After a day out in the garage wrenching today, the car is running better than ever. Hearing it today filled me with the hope that had been fading. It doesn't sound to bad if I do say so myself, have a listen and decide for yourself.

My journey with the car is far from over, it has barely started. I know there are many highs and lows to come, and I cannot wait. Let me know below if there is anything you want to see me do with the car. You want autocross? I'll see what I can do. Will it Baby? only one way to find out. Want me to crash it into a tree and stop writing about it? I'm not sure about that one.