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Update On The Volvo...

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Well I still have it. And yes ive been trying to sell but with no luck. Sadly its getting worse. She no longer likes third gear. According to my code reader, my 3-2 shift solenoid is bad and im mis-shifting about 70% of the time. Under acceleration, I go 1st, 2nd..... delay... RPMs dropping, REDLINE into 1st then JERK into 4th. Honestly I think rebuilding the tranny would fix most everything but I dont have the $1000 or so to do it.


Selling the car as is running isnt working. Ive got it listed at $2200 but people that are looking at it want it for a daily driver. They dont know its not like other V70s and dont want to put the work into it.

I think im going to try parting it out. Ive got 4 matching R rims and brand new Dunlop Sport Signature tires. Think I could get $1000 for all 4?


Then ive already got 2 spares on rims and the one donut. Ill go to the junkyard get one more tire and rim and sell the whole car for $1500.

The interior alone which is perfect has to be worth that. Other than misshifting it drives fine. How should I even go about listing it here?

Thanks for reading and your input.

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