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Update on the Yamaha WaveRaider 760

Hi Everyone, the last title for an update about the water toys affectionately referred to as the Fanny Pack I had UH-OH in the headline.

That was an understatement.

So, after seeing the completely destroyed 2nd cylinder in the Yamaha I ordered a remanufactured motor from SBT, the biggest name in watercraft jet motors. It came in last week and I started the process on Friday of removing the old motor. Good god is that a tiny engine compartment to work in. Here’s some photos starting from pre-tear down to an empty engine bay:


Quite an adventure removing this thing and placing the new one in.

That wrench buried under the bottom of the motor- after about 15 minutes of making tiny turns I decided “screw this, there has to be another way” and I was able to in an incredibly awkward position get a socket on that from the other side with extensions. Taking out that exhaust was a monumental challenge and my directions through out this are shared between 701 cc and 760 cc yamaha motors...which are all just a little different and they of course only showed the 701 in it.


Once I got the motor out, I had to remove a rubber engine mount right from the bottom of it to repurpose on the new engine. That’s where I discovered I was going to owe SBT some more money (they way of watercraft of any kind right?). When the cylinder let go it blew straight through the crank case! Check out this hole and crack in the bottom! Good thing I didn’t do the top end rebuild I was thinking about doing instead of a whole new motor! That would’ve been a huge waste of 5-600 bucks!

hole is about the size of a nickel
hole is about the size of a nickel

So, I’m waiting on a new PTO coupler because frankly, I couldn’t get the old one off and it cost $14 shipped on ebay. After a couple hours of my time I said screw this and ordered a new one. Until that arrives there are only a few things I can work on so I’m at a bit of a stand still on Pack.

Haven’t even started on Fanny yet which I plan to replace the piston and rings on the rear most cylinder due to it’s low compression. Trying to do some preventative maintenance so that motor stays together for a while. I’d like to only purchase ONE remanufactured motor this year.

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