His DD/office was stolen last Thursday. More details below.

As we suspected following a recent trend in the Houston area, his truck was located inside of a convenience store in an attempted smash and grab. Thieves are stealing pickup trucks throughout Houston and crashing them through stores for one purpose, stealing ATM machines. My dad’s pride and joy was just another victim of this trend.


As you can see, the truck was reversed into the store. Before hand (or probably at this impound lot for all we know), his toolbox was forced open and all his tools were stolen. A set of ladders as well. Inside, some expensive materials for a current job site were also stolen.


The damage starts with the driver’s door lock and column lock. Finally, the bed of the truck is destroyed and it has been confirmed to have frame damaged.

My dad babied that engine up way passed 600,000+miles. It physically looks good and even if they were flooring it the whole time, that 7.3 Turbo Diesel V8 is unlikely to have been damaged.


Most likely it will be totaled. My dad dislikes these new trucks that have come out in the last 8 years or so. He is an old school kind of man. None of these flashy new trucks catch his interest and he has ZERO confidence on the powertrains. He has put at least 500,000 miles on every truck he has owned and highly doubts these new eco-friendly Glam Trucks will give him the same loyalty without some serious money invested, unlike anything he has owned. He said, “I better start saving up for modules, sensors, and ecu’s if I get a new truck”

One funny story though. We were there with the insurance adjuster and she made it clear we couldn’t take anything from the truck or even get too close to it. My dad told her, “I just want to look inside really quick”. There, my dad noticed that his new Ray Band sunglasses were still in this little storage compartment under the center console. As soon as she looked away, he reached in and took the glasses, putting them on top of his hat... and on top of his other sunglasses LOL. She turned around and asked if he took anything. My dad said, “No”, all the while with 2 pairs of sunglasses on his head LOL!