Hey Oppo,

I know it has been forever since the last update so even tho there isn’t much to show I figured I should at least fill you in on where it currently stands.

Parts ordered:

Spindles, Calipers and brackets, Wheel bearings, Engine mounts, and Fully adjustable upper control arm brackets.

The engine has been mounted to the frame and the transmission tunnel has been tack welded in place around the transmission and pinion. The next step is the fully weld the transmission tunnel and cover any open ends of tubes to prevent water from entering.

Future orders will be a parallel 4 link suspension kit, lower control arms, coil overs and wheels/tires. All this will be one big expense as I feel it will be better built with all these components available for mocking up. Lower profile transmission mount is also being looked into as well. Rumor has it an automatic mounting bracket should work. Interior may need a re-think as the passenger compartment has become even more “cozy” than I suspected, leaning more towards the idea of have some seats built into the car rather than buying seats and trying to make them work.


In the mean time...currently leaning toward team dynamic pro-race 1.2 in their neon green 15in, suggestions welcome (4x108/4.25). Also if anyone knows of a good source for such wheels please let me know! As far as the green color goes....if there ever was a car I feel I could get away with loud wheels it is this one.


Updated picture for your time: