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Update: Shit's getting real oppo.

Updated because of feels.

So, if you read this post, you would’ve noticed I said they rejected me, this is the email I sent them a year ago when they asked if someone could join them:
it was translated by google

Good afternoon, I think you are doing a fairly new concept in Mexico that many people would appreciate (hence your millions of cumulative views on YouTube) and it did not exist in such a way as to be practiced and united in a single medium. But, to send you compliments really is not the reason for my mail.

The real reason is that I would like to be able to do something with you, some video, or some article on your page, etc. I guess you do not randomly grab people from the internet to write or record your content, then, I would like to tell you who I am and why I feel I could contribute to your concept ...

My name is Francisco, I am 19 years old and in August I am going to start my university studies to become an engineer in mechatronics and production. Since I’ve been a child, I’ve had a great passion for cars, motorcycles, planes, and journalism (in fact my two career options were engineering and journalism). At age 16 I wrote for a few months (really thanks to levers, hehe) in Parentesis.com, one of your competitors. The reason why I stopped was because I did not have the maturity to understand some things about the office, schedules and the limitations of my driving license for minors. However, I feel that I now have it.

In more professional subjects, I speak English and French apart from Spanish, however, my grammar in the two Romance languages ​​is ... ahem ... bad. I have visited the autoshow in Geneva, I have handled a wide variety of vehicles (from armored trucks to old mercedei) and I have more than five years of experience driving all-terrain, in my free time I usually write fiction and articles about cars, transportation, and policy, despite not publishing them. I graduated from high school with business, history, and IB literature in English (We were told they were college courses) My passion for vehicles and journalism are the reason why I feel I could contribute to your concept. Leaving my mark and being able to do what I love in the process is a great motivator that, I feel, could lead me to great articles and videos for your concept. I’ve always liked automotive journalism, pages like top gear, jalopnik, and drivetribe have a big impact on my data consumption, and I do not miss a program or video of theirs. It is true that each page has its style and enjoy different types of authors, so I will copy the parenthesis publications that (incredibly) are still online.

With this I say goodbye, however, if you are interested in seeing more articles that I have written (but not published) just have to answer this email and your wishes will be my orders ... I hope to hear from you soon,


and these are the actual things I wrote and published in a a website


Them feels though, I wish they had answered, it would’ve been very fun.

Original content:
What say you, Demuro?

Or is he more of a Regular Car Reviews type?

I don’t know, I remember he needed a co writer and I asked him if I could join and he declined by not even checking the email. #sad

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