So I got a bit more information about what happened and none of it is good... Apparently after my Father got in contact with BMW’s SOS service the last known ping location was right before the Holland Tunnel. I now am pretty much sure that the worst has happened and it has entered the seedy regions that is NJ’s docks.

Here is what really annoys me at the moment. Before he found out where the last ping was BMW refused to tell him where it was saying that be needed to call the police to find out...excuse me? I am sorry the man lost HIS car under HIS name, insured by HIM and HE is the one who filed the police report and he has to ask around for information that they found. This then led him on a wild goose chase with various detectives as the car moved out of their jurisdictions. The tldr for this is that BMW just pointed him towards a circle jerk of incompetence as many of these detectives didn’t even take notes or anything. Unfortunately his car wasn’t the only thing that was taken as he always had his expensive set of golf clubs in the trunk. Fellow oppos keep your car keys close and you cars in shelter. I am a strong believer in that you don’t mess with another person’s automobile. I hope that karma comes around and the people responsible get hit by a bus or something. One thing I take away from this is that I will refuse to trust BMW’s SOS system for car tracking. I plan on hidding a separate GPS tracker deep in the car somewhere that I have control over.

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