Only the regular and Plug-In is going away. So fear not! We can still dream of picking one up 5 years after it launches for $25K

From the FP article-

UPDATE: Cadillac did indeed get back to us to confirm that though the CT6 is dying, that won’t stop it from squeezing in production of its upcoming “Blackwing” twin-turbo V8 and accompanying CT6-V model.


A representative explained it stating, “important note – our plans to introduce the V-Series and Blackwing V-8 aren’t impacted by today’s news.” 

So our final CT6s will be cool, at least.

Cadillac also explained that CT6 production in America will end, but production in China will continue, as will sales over there.


Volt, Impala, LaCrosse, Cruze dead for sure.

The LaCrosse especially is actually a great value. You can find a 1 year old, American as Apple Pie big comfortable 300HP AWD V6 (5.8s 0-60)sedan loaded with tech and safety features for under $27K, less than 40K miles