Update & the magic of sandblasting

Recent work on the Chevelle has been slow (mostly because this, unfortunately, isn’t my real job). Since last update, I’ve reinstalled the wiper motor/linkage, cleaned up the a/c evaporator*, finished cleaning up the housing, reinstalled that, replaced the broken blower fan, reinstalled that, and cleaned up the HVAC harness which inexplicably doesn’t unplug from the firewall like everything else.

Starting to look like a car again

*The A/C evaporator is really just filling the space; at some point when I re-commission the factory A/C it will be getting replaced with a modern unit designed for R134a.


In other progress, I took a couple parts with me when visiting my dad this weekend, as to use his sandblaster (which he never uses, and is weird that he even has; I have no space for one). The radiator support brackets and battery tray are very clean now and [not pictured] in primer.

Dusty as pictured, were hosed down with brakleen and primed after photographed.

I need to finish refurbishing the A/C relay (mainly fresh paint) and probably can install the wiring gutter on the firewall, which carries the engine and HVAC wiring across the middle of the firewall neatly. After that the theme shifts a hair while I install the driveshaft hoop and rebuild the engine wiring harness.

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