A few months ago, I posted that I’d soon be in the market for a small truck. Well, the good news is that I paid off the Hyundai! Got a shiny title from my Credit Union (Highly recommend CUs) and all. The bad news is that the pickings for small pickups are sort of “meh” atm in the middle of Illinois. I could go to Chicago and find something (scoured craigslist and all), but that’s kind of a hassle I’d rather not deal with (3-plus hour drive to and back, and all).

I’ve found some sweet looking manual rides for around $2K, but I’ve also found some people who are WAY too proud of their 20-odd-year-old trucks.

Here’s a case in point. Here’s the description:

Rear Wheel Drive,Temporary Spare Tire,Power Steering,Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes,ABS,Daytime Running Lights,Automatic Headlights,Intermittent Wipers,Variable Speed Intermittent Wipers,Engine Immobilizer,AM/FM Stereo,Driver Air Bag,Passenger Air Bag,Passenger Air Bag On/Off Switch

It’s blue, and manual. Sounds sweet, right. Hell, the photos even look good:


It’s priced at $2995, which isn’t a bad price. A little more than I want to shell out for what will basically be a beater I can tinker with.


Oh, wait. I forgot something. The mileage: 235,294 miles.

Now, I don’t know about you other Jalops, but that seems a little high of an ask for that many miles. What are your thoughts?


Also, this is the first time I’ve used carguru.com. Anyone used it before?