I need a new battery for my car and I’m surprised there are so few options.

I need a 95R with at least 850CCA.

I’ve called Canadian tire who has 1 Motomaster Battery (store brand) and no other options.


Napa has 2 store brand options (regular and agm).

Parts Source has a Bosch regular battery, but thats like $490.


Turns out, BMW sells an AGM battery for my car for $418. Went to the dealership in downtown Toronto to pick it up and asked nicely if they offer any discounts - and they took $100 off!!!!!!!!

Thanks, BMW Downtown. You guys are all right! :) And big thanks to a fellow Oppo for giving me and the 30+ kilo (70 lbs) battery a ride!!

Now I gotta figure out why my AC fan does not blow. I could use some blow-age. Its Summer.