Update 2: Blue loctite did not do the trick. On the interwebz I found that C6 Vettes had a TSB which upped the torque spec to 160lbft and adviced to use red loctite. This was coz *ding ding* the nuts were backing off. Now the nut size and the wheel bearings are the same between a C4, C5 and C6 so thats what I’ve done now; I’ve used the C6 spec. As an added redundancy, I’ve also put jam nuts on em:

Illustration for article titled Update2: That did not work...Update: may have found out why...How many fucking wheel bearings can the Vette eat thru...

I hope this solves the issue. I quite like this car now and this is the only dumb issue remaining that unresolved.

Update: idk why but I checked the torque on the axle spindle nuts, both were at less than 80lbft (probably around 60lbft) while the spec calls for 118lbft. Them backing out is most probably why the bearing die so suddenly....gonna get some new nuts and put blue loctite on em now...


Original post:

.... answer is +1 than last time.

One more rear bearing was bad. This one had less than 1000 miles on it. Mind you, I had replaced the previous one under warranty coz it shat the bed after ~2000 miles.


I just don’t get whats happening with this issue (I had replaced 3 bearings under warranty last time round).

Just 1 bearing was bad this time so makes me think that there is some sort of quality issue with SKF and I randomly get bad bearings...


I’ve already replaced it with a MOOG one, lets see how long this lasts.

Ooh and the Vette has used up ~8 bearings till date

As always, #BlameBeaterGT

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