There’s one little shit, in particular, I want to murder. He drives an E60, a 525ish from the sounds of the exhaust sans muffler. That deleted muffler is quite fucking annoying when he speeds up and down my street at 35-40 mph. And the rest of his family, who live at the end of my street, like to speed down at quite a brisk pace. So I’m taking ideas on how to stop them.

Group response/Clarification:

First off, thanks to everyone who responded with constructive advice, and to the rest of you, you made me laugh.

So most of you suggested contacting the PoPo. Well, they’re quite useless. I call them quite often for parking violations, but they rarely come out. I live on a narrow street, with only one side that has legal parking. My side is the no parking side. When I moved in years ago the no parking signs were faded, and I thought if they were replaced then people would stop parking on my side. Nope. They still do it. And I’ve tried calling the city and telling them they need to paint the curbs red, but they said it would cost too much. Never mind we usually get a new tax of some kind every two years that supposed to go to roads and stuff. But I’m going to send them a new letter just letting them know that if there’s ever a situation where an emergency vehicle (fire truck or waaambulance) can’t get by and someone dies, the city will be coughing up a lot more than the cost of red curbs. And I’ll probably forward that to the neighborhood so they know A: to sue if something happens, and B: stop fucking parking on the wrong side and creating a hazard.

But anyways, people from the church and residential guests constantly park on the wrong side of the street, and then there are people on the corner who park out INTO the street and you can’t see oncoming traffic. The local PD never does anything. So hoping they’ll stop this one speeder is a pipe dream unfortunately.

Speed bumps would be nice, since the rest of the street usually speeds too. But if the city won’t even paint the curbs red, then I have no chance of speed bumps. It would take a collective of rich white people to yell at the right fevered pitch to get them to install speed bumps.

The best solution I’ve read so far goes to Opposaurus with the suggestion to send an unsigned letter to the house. But first I’d need to look at what legal action I can take. Also getting their insurance information and contacting their carrier and telling them their insured drive like assholes. But in the unsigned letter I can say I’ve got video footage of them (either through my dash cam left on, or eventually a security camera). And I’ll tell them I’ll report them to the CHP in regards to their illegal mod of no muffler.

Original post:

A spike strip would definitely work, but not everyone on the street speeds. I suppose I could warn the neighbors who aren’t assholes. That would only take a second.

If I didn’t work I could sit outside with a bb gun or something and shoot his car.

I could take some extra oil I have and lay down an oil slick like they do in the movies. Judging by how it works in the movie it should only hinder those who speed. Oh, wait, coolant is slippier. But the street isn’t sealed concrete. Damn.

I could go drill a hole in the gas tank. I doubt the little shit can barely afford to change the oil his car. I don’t think he works since he’s constantly in out of his house all day every day.

Any other bright ideas guys? I’m working on the best solution: moving.