Update: Amica customer service is pretty solid. The gentleman I spoke to was calm, helpful and polite. He even empathized with me because his own car was broken into a couple years ago and sentimental items were stolen as well. He knows the feels...certainly helped. Claim will be going through my renter’s insurance and value of the items exceed my deductible so while it won’t be the same I will have those sunglasses back without my gf feeling obligated to buy them for me herself.

Original post:

Went to dig out my car so I wouldn’t have to tomorrow morning...Found stuff thrown all around the inside of the car.


Good news: no windows were broken

Bad news: some expensive sunglasses my gf bought me for our anniversary, Christmas and birthday (they were carbon fiber) are gone. As are some replacement lenses for another pair. And my dashcam. And about $40 in cash I always keep just in case.

Thank God news: the title to my motorcycle is still in its folder, my other pair of sunglasses are still there. Also missing, engagement ring box...But ring is still on my gf’s finger.


Not sure why I started taking pics as I walked over.


And for lulz, here’s a car outside my apartment the other day.

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