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Updated my GTA V crew's rank titles

Gran Theft Auto Online's Crews (clans) have a crew rank system so that as you accumulate experience while a part of a Crew, your Crew Rank improves. The default ranks are as follows, but you can customize the titles to your liking:

Rank 1-10: Thug
Rank 11-20: Hustler
Rank 21-30: Soldier
Rank 31-40: Trigger
Rank 41-50: Enforcer
Rank 51-60: Facilitator
Rank 61-70: Public Enemy
Rank 71-80: Shot Caller
Rank 81-90: Street Boss
Rank 91-100: Kingpin


My crew is the 318Stigs and we're all a bunch of Jalops, so I thought it would be appropriate to use gearhead terms.

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How did I do? Do you have any better ideas that I could use? I'm not entirely satisfied with what I have here.

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