Hello oppo, I’ve been absent for a while so I figured I’d update.

First, life stuff. I forced myself to start seeing a therapist for depression, because it’s been a gradual slippery slope the past few months. It’s early days yet but I’m hoping I’ll get better.

Some may recall that I have numerous back problems, including a degenerative disc disease, which leads into my next point. Last I posted, I had my 2013 Mustang and my newly acquired Fiesta SFE. While the Fiesta was much fun to drive it killed my back and had electrical problems. Deeply upside down financially in it, I was forced to sell both.


Thanks to $6000 in manufacturer incentives I was able to get into a 2018 Hyundai Sonata SEL. Yes, I know, I can’t keep a car worth shit.

The Sonata is very comfy, averages 34 mpg (40+ on long hauls), and has lots of creature comforts, like an app for remote start. It’s certainly not the enthusiast choice, but I like it.

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