Updates from Stuttgart

Well I have been working on the 928 some more. This week I have been trying to fix some electrical gremlins which I hear the 928 runs second to lovely British Leland vehicle. That I don’t understand. I mean come on Germany. One of the main issues I have been facing is the gauge pod. Previously only the oil pressure gauge was working, which is nice but not ideal. Personally I would like them all to work. Though I could live with just temp, fuel, and oil pressure. The tach is meaningless in an automatic slush box, volts are not important enough most of the time, and I can use my phone as a speedometer. So I removed the cluster to find something similar to this.

Holy mother of exposed connections. So I cleaned every single contact surface with some emery cloth to get fresh metal. I checked that exposed bulbs and they seemed fine. I then I removed the very fogged and scratched lens and used a head light restoration kit along with some wet sanding and made the lens clear again. Back in the car she went, buttoned all back up and

Yeah..... Well more things work now. The speedo goes back to zero when the engine is on, the lights on the right for the dummy warnings seem to work when I press the cluster check button, and the lights on indicator now comes on. So we are getting some where, but not where I want to go. Oh whats that


Now there is a horribly annoying buzzing noise that come and goes and will stay on when the car is powered off or on. But wiggling the main harness under the dash seems to change the pitch and make it go away eventually.

Yeah... This was a great purchase. Let me just tell you. Just because you can afford the $500 car, doesn’t always mean but the $500 car. But since I don’t even get scam offers on my 928 off CL, I think I am going to turn her into a post apocalyptic rally type thing and just have fun. And one day eventually manual swap it.

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