Okay, so I said the Camaro was getting Purple Hornies. Sadly, that isn’t happening. My grandfather shot that idea right down.

But, it looks like the Chevelle will ditch its’ 2.5" exhaust with Thrush mufflers for aluminized 3" with Dynomax Bullets exiting in front of the rear tires. Because it’s just too damn quiet right now, and you really can’t hear the cam much.

Such a mean front end.

Mom’s wanting us to get the Grand National running again (It was always my grandma’s favorite, so it’s out of respect to her) and I really want to get the Camaro to running shape again and hopefully work out the kinks (overheating, not running worth a damn. Seriously, you can’t let it run with the exhaust towards the garage, even with the fan going. It burns your eyes. This is with the car OUT of the garage, not in it.) and so hopefully all 4 will be running eventually, since the Mustang runs just fine *cue violent knocking on wood*.

I took this picture way back in 2012.

Actually, the Camaro’s getting its’ own paragraph.

I still need to get new shocks for it (I know this goes directly against popular opinion, but it just sits too damned low in the back. I like the stink bug stance), still needs a carb (850 sounds better for the setup, but Pap said with the motor not being apart in over 30 years means that’s probably too much. I may talk to him about it again.), and it’s possibly getting an aluminum radiator (which we’ve known it’s needed for a long time now, we’ve just put it off.) A pipe dream is to get the speakers replaced. I like the idea of tooling along in it listening to Zeppelin or Nazareth, since it’s fairly period correct. I wish I had the money to get the Sun temperature gauge converted to mechanical. Eh, maybe I’ll convince Dad to let me pull the $150 out of my savings.


That tiny AutoMeter is the bane of my existence.

Also, for Christmas I got a carpet and headliner material for my truck, so this summer I’ll take the interior apart, dye all the plastics to black, and replace the carpet and finally put a headliner in it. I also would like to find a bed and take care of the rust on the truck.


Hopefully it’s a productive year.