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“The bad ass lion stepped on the signifyin’ monkey’s feet.” Anyways, crossed over the 100,000 mile mark early this past week. Ol’ Baloo here has done precisely 70,000 miles in 18.5 months (I got it at 31,619 miles at the end of August 2015). Zippo repairs or issues which means the warranty was a complete waste of money (which ended about 25,000 miles ago). Should have trusted my own judgement, I won’t make that mistake again.

Major maintenance coming up from 112,000 miles through 124,000 miles. I think I’m going to go ahead and put the money into refreshing the interior plus (*sigh*) repairing all the scars of highway driving up front. I talk the big game when it comes to dream garages but the longer I own cars the less I want to see money leave my hands for them. Once my mind and heart settle on what I’m going to do then I’ll let you all know what decisions I’ve made. I may actually buy only one other vehicle after these and just rent something nice and fancy when I have that new car urge. If you wouldn’t spend $600 to drive a car for 10 days then why spend $28,000 over 48 months to drive it only on the weekends, right? I’m seriously asking because I just had this thought today.


That’s the update on Baloo! The Amanti is doing extremely well but is also coming up on big maintenance (including timing belt). The XF fuel door should be unborked. Mom’s Camry is still down and has been since maybe January so she’s been using the XF as a daily... I get this nagging voice accompanied with the sound of cash registers opening towards the back of my head. But she loves the car and it’s definitely changed her as a driver. She tells me about people wanting to race her at stoplights, more specifically her wins. I feel as if we may have flipped ages at some point...

*That darn JEEP badge never bugs me until I see photos I swear! Very impressed with it though.

**Here’s the quote she was given for her Camry by the way:

Illustration for article titled Updates: Way Down in the Jungle Deep

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