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Updating my "Family" Photo, Stable Update, and Pending Projects

It’s been a couple years since I’ve gotten a family photo of all my toys. Last time I did this I only had three cars and they were all under one roof. Well, I kinda grew the hoard since then. Since I’m no longer moving I’m going to make this happen! Here are a few updates!

I’m definitely going to get a trailer for the bikes. I’m done renting trailers. I’ve narrowed down my choices to either converting a jetski trailer or building a 4x6 Harbor Freight trailer and adding a motorcycle rail.

Right now I’m leaning more towards jetski trailer due to the fact that it’ll likely be galvanized and you can directly bolt a motorcycle rail right into it. Plus, winch!


Using that trailer, I would then cart all my bikes to my place, get all the cars to my place, line them up, then get a new family photo. :)


In other news, I made myself a plan to keep myself distracted for as long as possible. An upside of being single is that I have a tonne more time and money..


Tucker’s (light blue car in the lede photo) brakes and spark plugs.
The brakes have to be in good shape before I move to troubleshooting the ABS system, so reluctor rings will have to wait. I also want to recoat the towing hitch, but that’s a super quick job that’s not even worth listing here.

— Parts/tools I need to buy:
- Pads.
- Rotors.
- Plugs.
- Floor jack.


— Completion date:
I should be done with this one by early May.

Laura’s alternator and clutch actuator.


(Yes, this car has the same license plate as the 451. I transferred the plates ($25 at the DMV) from this car to the 451 once I realized it was going to be parked for a while. Cheaper than a $100 renewal!)

While I’ve run the car throughout my ownership, I haven’t driven this car in nearly a year because I’ve fallen for bikes. I got a convertible specifically to replace the 451 as my daily. I really want this to happen.


— Parts/tools:
- 24mm offset wrench.
- Impact wrench.
- Floor jack.

— Completion date:
So long as the weather holds, I want to have this car running by next week, driving by hopefully the first week of May.



I’ve been dailying the CF Moto since I fixed it and I love it too much to see it get hurt on the Gambler. I’m not sure why I had the change of heart, but honestly my brain and emotions have been scrambled for the past week so I’m really not sure. At least my Chinesium count is down to just one instead of two.


Why am I telling you this? Meet the newest Imperator Slowiosa! I know, facepalm. At least my two wheel count is still 7? lol


This is a 1986 Honda Elite Deluxe. It runs and rides (well, did until I broke it) and currently has a top speed of about 62 mph. It needs its carb gone through, a new battery, and all of the “Gamblerification” mods I can throw at it. Basically, I’m giving it two light bars and removing all decals from this scoot’s previous life (pit bike and trail bike) for Gambler 500 decals.


Oh...and it needs a new ignition switch since I somehow snapped the key off in the one it has.

I’ll also be carrying with me:

- Extra fuel (a 5 gal jerry can).
- Basic tools (screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers that can strip/cut wires, and some metric sockets).
- Fix-a-flat.
- Tent.
- Alcohol (for the offroad parks we’ll be camping at that allow it).
- Duct tape.
- Zip ties.
- Starting fluid.
- Spare drive belt (maybe).


— Completion date:
ASAP. I don’t want to be doing last minute stuff like I was last year.

I plan to have the trailer situation sorted by the Gambler 500. The plan is not to have to rent a trailer for three days. But...since I put a lot on my own plate I will do what I have to.


And finally, I will be writing about many of my motorcycle projects and Gambler 500 antics over at Out Motorsports! I feel this would be better for me than starting my own blog about motorcycling. I’m finally picking up enough of the broken pieces of my life to get back into what I do best. Thanks so much, Jake T!

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