Upgrade time!

I made this purchase over a month ago but finally got around to installing it today. Was a bit of an invasive mod since it required a cutting tool for some hacking but overall it wasn’t too bad nor is any of my hackery visible. Between swapping the radiator and changing out an injector, I spent about 4 hours total from the time I started getting out my tools to when I was cleaned up and going for a test drive. I was concerned about the injector replacement since there were a ton of connections and bolts to remove and put back in. But thankfully everything worked perfectly on the first start.


The key feature of the new radiator is the crossflow action which should result in much better engine coolant temperatures on track. Coolant reroute is still probably in my future if I want to safely track on 100+ days but I’d rather avoid those for my own comfort anyways.


As for my hacking, I didn’t make it super pretty and it was very much a “measure once, cut 4 times” kind of deal. Thankfully I have another stock set of fans from the other car should I want to remove the part and return to stock some day. But it doesn’t have an effect on how the fans operate and I didn’t have to mess with anything else to get it to fit so I was happy.


The purple injector is the one that I pulled out of this Miata, the other three are from the old Miata. I found it peculiar that they were purple, probably aftermarket replacement parts of some sort. We shall see if this solves my CEL, there aren’t currently any active or pending codes. But with the intermittent nature of it, I’ll have to wait and see. Should it go away, I’ll still probably send these away for cleaning but I don’t want to bother if it’s something else at fault.

Will have to do some testing soon on the new cooling system! So far it seems to work, just driving along without a hill, I was regularly seeing 185-190 as opposed to 195-200 before. And going spiritedly uphill for a half hour in the canyons as the outside Temps raced to 100F, I never saw over 210 even when I was trying to just cruise at 5k rpms up hill to stress it out. Then immediately upon relaxing and going level, it would drop down below 200 and any downhill was seeing 185 again. Will post the data recording comparison soon since I have both on the same route.

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