Remember this? Yeah, the battery is dunzo. I had to jump it this morning from the Stringbean and it just drains my jumper box. Once started it runs but like an idiot I killed the engine when I got to FedEx. It tried to turn over but went right to the starter taktaktaktaktak.

Tomorrow it’s going into the shop to get a new battery. So maybe I’ll tackle that hub replacement on said Stringbean in the mean time?


In the mean time I’m waiting in a parking lot to get a jump. Not going to bug a stranger since its going to take a while and the vehicle has roadside assistance.

Also side note: it really pisses me off when they want to be all buddy buddy “oh I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles getting your vehicle started let me see what I can do to help you out to get you on your way today I can definitely help you” shut up. Please. I know it’s your job to say that but I know it’s going to take time for Jimbob to show up and you’re just wasting time with your script. “Shits broke? Battery? K. Vehicle info, driver ID and location. done. Someone’s on their way.”

I’m mildly irate / hangry and about to go crush this hibachi supreme buffet place like an angry fat kid.

45 minutes til they’re here.... Fuck.

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