Kinda pissed off today for a multitude of reasons so my girlfriend said to meet her for lunch (burgers!) to calm down. Good call.

I was still brooding when I stepped outside, noted it was nice out, made my way across the parking lot, looked up and smiled.

Why did I smile?

Look at how bright it is. That red under direct sun is freakishly can't capture it. I'm entirely serious.

And while driving along the highway on ramp I was looking at cars backed up on the off ramp...and some guy was staring at me as I was staring at him. Some searching on the internet led me to this:


Dark blue Ferrari 458 Italia.

I was checking that out, he was checking my car out.

Then I got a burger.

And I'm going to a battle of the bands show in Boston (FREE! if you're in the area, btw).


Sufficiently uplifted.