This weekend is the Iola Old Car Show in Iola, WI. It spans 300 acres, and has over 2,200 show cars, 4,430 swap spaces, 1,000 car corral spaces, and 1,600 camping spaces. Three of those swap spaces belong to my dad, and we’re going to be spending Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the show.

Making its debut appearance in Wisconsin is the much-derided Elio P4 prototype, a vehicle touted in equal parts as a revolution in transportation, and vaporware in automotive form. They are going to be allowing show attendees to “try on the Elio prototype for size”. Being a “respected” journalist with a history of hard-hitting articles, I’m going to pull every string I can to get as much info and hands-on time with the Elio as I can.

The article will premiere on Upper Midwest Oppo (, so please look forward to it after this weekend.


I’m coming for you, you goofy orange bastard.