Warning: I done did something dumb. Stupidity follows.

Prior to me being a dumbass and dropping it. The mirror on the left is gone. I poured one out for it.

Good news. I officially take possession of my new pad today. Have the keys and heading over there after work. Loaded the bike into the truck to facilitate easier moving on Saturday when the movers show up.


Bad news. I dumped the bike when loading it. I was trying to hurry, things weren’t lined up well for a couple reasons, didn’t feel good about it, and tried any way.

Good news. The bike should be paid off if the transfer went through correctly and I have full coverage. Even better, the damage isn’t catastrophic. Needs a new mirror, scuffed the fairing and some spots on the frame. Needs a new rear tail fairing. That took the most damage.

Do I replace the rear fairing and mirror and wear the scuffs as badges of stupidity? Do I file a claim? It’s only a 125 deductible and can drop to liability only after. Do I try to fix it myself?

I’m leaning towards filing a claim. I can easily see this being over 1K once you factor in disassembly, parts, prep, paint, and reassembly.


What say Oppo?

Rear fairing needs to be replaced.
That’s not going to buff out.
Frame scuffs. Honestly, I have to idea how this would get painted/repaired.
More minor frame scuffs.

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